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Sell Your Home In Any Market


All markets are not created equal and neither are all homes for sale. This would explain why some homes languish on the market for months and others sell practically overnight. What makes the difference? In this article, we will look

Sell Your Home In Any Market2020-06-02T10:03:11-04:00

STRATMOR: Lenders Need to Make Pandemic Lessons Permanent


From interest rate volatility to servicing liquidity issues to bursting refinance pipelines, mortgage lenders have weathered the coronavirus storm fairly well, STRATMOR Group says in its latest monthly Insights Report.  But lenders must retain the lessons they’ve learned, especially when

STRATMOR: Lenders Need to Make Pandemic Lessons Permanent2020-05-29T14:26:14-04:00

Dave Hershman – The Price of Oil


It was almost 50 years ago that the rising price of oil was one of the factors which helped plunge us into a deep recession. And while not the most important factor, subsequent recessions have followed previous peaks in oil

Dave Hershman – The Price of Oil2020-05-04T12:46:15-04:00

Dave Hershman – Watching The Curve


For those attempting to predict the length or the depth of the current economic slowdown, we have all turned into medical prognosticators. Every day charts depicting the growth of the virus are published. The growth started slowly and then accelerated

Dave Hershman – Watching The Curve2020-04-20T12:54:31-04:00

Dave Hershan – How High Will it Rise?


As dismal as the March unemployment numbers were, we know that this is just a preview of what is to come. The question being bantered about by market analysts is — how high will unemployment become? Let’s take a look

Dave Hershan – How High Will it Rise?2020-04-13T12:20:52-04:00