Dave Hershman – Watching The Curve


For those attempting to predict the length or the depth of the current economic slowdown, we have all turned into medical prognosticators. Every day charts depicting the growth of the virus are published. The growth started slowly and then accelerated

Dave Hershman – Watching The Curve2020-04-20T12:54:31-04:00

Dave Hershan – How High Will it Rise?


As dismal as the March unemployment numbers were, we know that this is just a preview of what is to come. The question being bantered about by market analysts is — how high will unemployment become? Let’s take a look

Dave Hershan – How High Will it Rise?2020-04-13T12:20:52-04:00

Dave Hershman – World-Wide Reaction


Each passing week, the measures which are implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus are placing strains on the American and world-wide economy. It is no longer the travel industry which is in the forefront. Now all industries are

Dave Hershman – World-Wide Reaction2020-03-31T12:26:38-04:00

Dave Hershman – Whiplash


Believe it or not, we started the year quite smoothly. Yes, we were expecting some excitement due to the fact that we had a Presidential election coming our way. Little did we know that the primaries would take a back-seat

Dave Hershman – Whiplash2020-03-23T14:32:32-04:00
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