Here Comes the Fed and Jobs


What is happening with the job market? That is a question we have not had to answer for several years because job growth has been consistently positive. And though the job market continues to be strong in 2019, we can

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The Good News – Bad News Situation


We were riding high on not so good news. The stock market hit record levels and interest rates were down. This was a reaction to a poor jobs report released in early June, along with the backdrop of trade wars

The Good News – Bad News Situation2019-08-05T11:01:36-04:00

The Heat of the Summer


By the middle of July, we are definitely in the midst of the heat of the summer. And many times, when the temperature rises, so does the heat of the markets. But not all markets are equal in this regard.

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Owner Perceptions of Home Values Improve for Second Straight Month as Spring Homebuying Season Ends


• Quicken Loans’ National HPPI shows appraised values 0.71% lower than homeowners estimated in June

• Home values rose 0.56% nationally in June, and posted a 4.78% year-over-year increase, according to the Quicken Loans HVI

The average

Owner Perceptions of Home Values Improve for Second Straight Month as Spring Homebuying Season Ends2019-08-05T11:32:21-04:00

It’s All About Jobs


The data is out. First, we had the meeting of the Federal Reserve indicating that there are some members open to a rate cut. The markets are now predicting that such a cut may come as early as the end

It’s All About Jobs2019-08-05T11:05:42-04:00

Should You Consider an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?


The popularity of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) rises and falls depending upon the overall direction of interest rates, as well as the spread between fixed rate mortgages and adjustables. There are many reasons why one might opt for an adjustable

Should You Consider an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?2019-08-05T11:24:33-04:00

Happy July 4th


The celebration of July 4th tells us that one-half of 2019 is over. That is a sobering thought for those who believe that time is going too fast. It has certainly been a very interesting first half of the year.

Happy July 4th2019-08-05T11:12:28-04:00
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