You want to reach affluent and influential business professionals at their place of business. EMR Data Services will help make that happen. EMR uses the largest professional compilers in America to provide you with the most up-to-date and precise data available.

To suit the needs of your business, we target your potential customers by SIC, Title, Sales Volume, Employee Size, and more. These targeted professionals are people that purchase business and consumer services, as well as publications and products that compliment their active lifestyles and enhance their business.

In other words, we pinpoint the people who will buy what you are selling.

Where does EMR get its data?

EMR Data uses the most extensive business information database available in North America. We both collect and receive information from an array of sources.

Payment and banking data from company suppliers provide EMR with over 650,000,000 payment experiences annually.

We also gather a broad cross-section of over 130,000,000 records from both state and county courthouses, including:

  • Suits
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • UCC’s
  • Business Registrations
  • Corporate Details
  • Bankruptcy Filings

How does EMR ensure the accuracy of its data?

EMR employs sophisticated matching technology in order to verify and ensure the highest standards of data quality. Such technology enables EMR to identify and consolidate data from multiple sources into one business file.

This file is then identified by an SIC (Standard Industry Code) Number. EMR uses information computer validations to ensure the highest standards of data quality.

At EMR, we also conduct manual validation checks and reviews. We personally evaluate data consistency and use sophisticated models to compare incoming data on a given business to the data received on similar businesses of the same industry, age and size.

We also have sophisticated cross-check processes that identify potential duplicate businesses, and we run our entire marketing database through address standardization and Zip+4 assignments every month.

For every business credit record, we crosscheck that business with our public filing database records and trade database of trade experiences. Every new piece of incoming information goes through our sophisticated match system to match it to an existing business credit file.

Our Risk Department monitors business activity to identify potential frauds, overbuys or business failures. This Department is also responsible for monitoring corporate linkages and corporate family trees covering millions of businesses.

How timely and complete is the data?

Time moves faster in the business world. Information rapidly ages or degrades, particularly with smaller, new businesses. Your business can’t afford to be left reading yesterday’s papers.

We de-list millions of records and add millions more new records each year to ensure the utmost precision.

As business files are updated, we automatically recalculate both predictive payment and financial stress scores to ensure that you have the very latest information on changes to a business’s credit rating.

Information is dynamic. So are we.