PROVO, Utah, March 7, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Simplifile, a leading provider of real estate document collaboration and recording technologies for lenders, settlement agents and counties, today announced that Logan County, Illinois, is the 1,900th jurisdiction to join Simplifile’s e-recording network.

“As e-recording adoption continues to progress towards critical mass, celebrating milestones such as this becomes even more important, as it reminds us both of how far we’ve come and what’s still left to accomplish,” Simplifile President Paul Clifford said. “We applaud Logan County and all the other recent additions to Simplifile’s e-recording network for taking the necessary steps to modernize their operations and deliver exceptional service to residents of their respective jurisdictions.”

As the 1,900th member of Simplifile’s e-recording network, Logan County is now able to harness the benefits of e-recording within their day-to-day operations, including the ability to quickly correct and return rejected documents. According to Logan County Clerk Theresa Moore, her office has started using Simplifile to e-record mortgages and releases in order to get accustomed to the system and hopes to add more document types shortly.

Using Simplifile’s e-recording platform, recording offices are able to electronically receive, stamp, record and return documents within minutes, which reduces documentation and processing errors. Settlement agents can also submit recording fees and other recording-related expenses directly through the Simplifile system, thus eliminating check-writing expenses.

In addition to Logan County, eight other jurisdictions in the Midwest have recently joined Simplifile’s e-recording network, including:

Jersey County, Ill.
Steuben County, Ind.
Furnas County, Neb.
Oliver County, N.D.
Sheridan County, N.D.
Crawford County, Ohio
Seneca County, Ohio
Price County, Wis.
More than 1,900 jurisdictions nationwide e-record with Simplifile, making it the largest e-recording network in the U.S. Currently nine states offer e-recording statewide through Simplifile.

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About Simplifile:
Simplifile, the nation’s largest e-recording network, was founded in 2000 to connect settlement agents and county recorders via its e-recording service. Today Simplifile has broadened its services to include collaboration tools and post-closing visibility for mortgage lenders and settlement agents working together on real estate documents. Through Simplifile, users can securely record, share and track documents, data and fees with ease.

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