Have you bought or sold a home or other property using First American Financial Corporation or First American Title Company for title insurance or other services?  If so, your personal information may have been stolen and used by hackers.

Pierce Bainbridge is investigating the exposure of an estimated 885 million documents that First American left wide open on its servers: the records were accessible to anyone and required no password or security whatsoever.  Sensitive personal information such as your name, Social Security number, bank account numbers, phone numbers, home address, and marital status may have been exposed, as well as your bank statements, mortgage records, tax records, wire transaction receipts, and pictures of your driver’s license (including your date of birth).

The exposed documents date from at least 2003 to the present – that means that this vulnerability could have affected any real estate or title transaction you participated in during the last 16 years.

If you used First American Financial Corporation or First American Title Company there is a high risk that your identity and personal information were exposed and stolen.  You are encouraged to contact Pierce Bainbridge for additional information about your legal rights and options.  Please visit www.piercebainbridge.com/mortgageleak to learn more.

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If you wish to discuss your rights with our attorneys, please visit www.piercebainbridge.com/mortgageleak.  For more information about Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP, please visit our website at www.piercebainbridge.com.