Newzip, a leading provider of innovative real estate solutions, announced it is partnering with Apple Federal Credit Union, a trusted credit union based out of Fairfax, Virginia. This strategic collaboration will leverage Newzip’s agent matching and cash reward platform to enhance Apple FCU’s mortgage offering.

As a benefit of the partnership, Newzip will offer a cash reward incentive to Apple FCU members who opt-in to utilize the lender’s preferred agent network. Members can save 0.5% on the buy side and 1% on the sell side as part of the program. Going above and beyond traditional agent matching services, Newzip provides Apple FCU’s members with a comprehensive concierge experience throughout the entire journey.

The Newzip concierge platform is designed to streamline the home buying process and provide personalized support at every step. Members of Apple FCU will have access to a dedicated home advisor, moving concierge services, and transaction support, ensuring that their home buying journey is smooth, efficient, and stress-free. With Newzip’s innovative technology and exceptional service, Apple FCU aims to deliver unparalleled value to its members.

“We are delighted to work with a prestigious institution like Apple Federal Credit Union which has been providing exceptional service for over 67 years,” said Adi Pavlovic, CEO at Newzip. “As an Apple FCU mortgage experience option, we will make the process more seamless and affordable for members looking to buy/sell in these challenging market conditions.”

Newzip’s state-of-the-art platform utilizes advanced algorithms and data analytics to match home buyers with the most suitable real estate agents from Apple FCU’s network of trusted professionals. This unique approach ensures that members receive top-notch service tailored to their needs, leading to a seamless and satisfying home buying experience.

“We are excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring,” stated Rob Drake, Mortgage Originations Manager at Apple Federal Credit Union. “Newzip’s concierge platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our members. With their expertise and comprehensive support, we are confident that our members will enjoy an elevated home buying journey, receiving personalized guidance at every step.”

The partnership between Newzip and Apple FCU exemplifies the shared commitment to innovation and member-centric solutions. Together, they are set to redefine the mortgage experience, empowering home buyers with a seamless, efficient, and rewarding journey.

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About Newzip:

Newzip is a real estate platform that empowers mortgage lenders to deliver an end-to-end customer experience. Leveraging a combination of technology and human empathy, Newzip’s vision is to create the standard for a modern real estate experience that helps people make informed decisions throughout their entire journey.

About Apple Federal Credit Union:

Since 1956, Apple has been a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. Every one of Apple FCU’s members owns an equal share of the credit union, and it is because of this dynamic that all earnings are returned in the form of lower loan rates and higher dividend yields.

With 21 branches across Northern Virginia, Online & Mobile Banking, and access to more than 53,000 ATMs nationwide, Apple helps make financial dreams a reality.