If you asked 100 people what time of year is best for moving, the majority of them would probably say spring and summer. Families are especially motivated to move during the summer months, because the kids are out of school. While there are some great reasons to move during spring and summer, don’t automatically rule out a fall move! Even if you don’t notice at first, moving during the autumn months offers several advantages.

Here are five reasons why changing addresses in the fall is a smart choice:

  1. It’s not blazingly hot

Have you ever carried box after box up and down stairs, and in and out of houses for hours in triple-digit temperatures? Then you’ve never moved during a Southern summer. Trust us, it’s nobody’s idea of fun. Once the weather starts cooling off a bit it’s more comfortable outside. Fall offers milder weather with lower humidity and nice breezes that are perfect for moving. In addition, the days are still relatively long so you can still get lots accomplished during the day.

  1. A wider variety of housing is available

Another benefit of moving during the fall months is that you’ll have a bigger inventory of homes or condos to choose from. This stems from large amounts of college students who are looking for housing during that time. Many other buyers have already settled into the new homes they purchased in the summer, so the playing field, and the competition, is less crowded for the properties up for sale in the fall. If you house hunt in the fall, you’re more likely to be able to snag the home you want with less chance of a bidding war.

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  1. Your moving options are more flexible

Need to rent a moving truck? You won’t need to wait in line to get one during the fall months. Thinking about hiring movers? Chances are good they’ll have wide open schedules after the summer rush. Even so, be sure to choose a reputable company to take care of your possessions. Choose a moving date that’s convenient for your family. No more squeezing your move around the moving company’s one opening on a random Wednesday afternoon. And no rushing around to hit a moving date that you aren’t ready for. You will be able to take the time to get rid of what you don’t need so that you can make a fresh start without any additional clutter. Being able to schedule your move on a weekend so you don’t have to take time off work is both handy and cost effective. That’s the beauty of moving in autumn!

  1. You can take advantage of discounts

Moving companies need to keep their employees working and productive all year long. Because of less business, they are willing to work harder to fill their calendars, even if that means giving deep discounts. This makes fall a perfect time to hire movers for less money that it would cost during the summer. This also helps your dollars stretch further so you don’t have to skimp on quality. Those highly experienced, reputable movers are more likely to offer a bid that’s within your budget in the fall, whereas they may be out of your reach during spring and summer.

In addition to moving discounts, fall ushers in a number of great sales at many stores. Find some new furniture or spruce up your new place with storage options to keep it neat and organized for less than you’d pay earlier in the year.

Finally, moving in the fall gives you time so that…

  1. Your family can settle in before the holidays

The holidays can be tough enough to navigate without throwing a move into the mix. Trying to find a house and relocate during the holiday season can be a nightmarish endeavor. Opt to forgo that chaotic situation and move a few months earlier, so you can take your time moving and get every room set up exactly like you want it. Make some renovations, buy some new decor, and get used to your new residence. Once everything’s in place, you can concentrate on a stress-free holiday season spending time with those you love. You may even decide to have the whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner in your new digs.

If you just didn’t get a chance to move during summer, or you weren’t quite ready at the time, don’t think you need to wait until next year. Do it during the fall! You’ll enjoy greater flexibility, budget-saving discounts, and still be settled comfortably before the holidays.