IRVINE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — Recent years have seen manufactured housing gain a great deal of momentum. The industry’s continued adoption of technology has provided new benefits to both home buyers and sellers, and new policies at both the state and national levels have made manufactured homes more accessible to prospective buyers. In light of these positive trends, it seems that 2019 will bring even more opportunities for home buyers, sellers, and the community at large to become more familiar with manufactured housing – the most forward-thinking form of housing available today. is at the forefront of this movement, and believes that the industry has a unique opportunity to regain much-needed market share in a time when traditional housing remains the primary choice for American home buyers. The company is now urging its fellow industry members to take an active role in what many believe is an imminent factory-built housing revolution. By actively investing in brand-positive marketing and education believes that the prefab industry can continue to grow and ultimately see unprecedented success in its competition with traditional housing.

As part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness and promote the industry, is launching a marketing campaign titled “Manufactured Housing: At Home in the Future.” The campaign, which the company states is the first of many more, consists of seven informative video commercials between 15 and 60 seconds long. The videos range in topics from manufactured homes’ environmental benefits to the ample amount of emerging-built in technologies that are not becoming available in new homes. All seven have a singular message: the greatest selling points of manufactured homes are their highly affordable price point and infinite customization options.

Commenting on the industry’s recent growth, Steven Townsend, Vice President of Operations says, “Prefab homes are meeting the needs of Americans—from up-and-coming Millennials, to families, to downsizing Baby Boomers—better than traditional site-built homes on almost every level. These videos celebrate what we have long believed to be true: “Manufactured housing is the future of housing in America.”

All videos can be found on the blog and are free for download and public sharing. When posting to social media, urges the use of the hashtag #TheFutureofHousing, and asks the community to help start a conversation about how manufactured housing will help contribute to a more sustainable, affordable and forward-thinking tomorrow.

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