WICHITA, Kan.March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Friendly Home Buyer Inc., a local company that for years has successfully helped Wichitans sell their homes more easily, announced today a new company division designed to offer new hope for people who think they can’t afford to buy a home. It is called Own a Home Wichita, led by Friendly Home Buyer founder, Jeremiah Johnson.

“The piece of the housing puzzle missing for our team,” said Johnson, “is that there’s a hole in the Wichita residential real estate market currently. Hard working local people think they can never own a home and some give up trying. It’s those families we are being sure to include our new home-selling service.”

Johnson says Own a Home Wichita’s process includes combing the local inventory of homes for sale to find, purchase, renovate and update “houses with good bones, in good neighborhoods near schools and services.” Own a Home Wichita then offers the homes at reasonable prices, to serve the modest-priced-house market.

“We’re eager to help anyone, of course, including first-time buyers and families that think their credit is not good enough to own a home,” said Johnson. “We also are successful in serving the vibrant Wichita Hispanic/Latino market with our bilingual employees,” he added. Johnson said his group “tries to go out of the way to work with people,” even finding ways to help them build better credit by lease-to-own contacts, if it looks viable to get them the home they dreamed of. “Right out of the gate, we’re getting lots of interest and are excited about helping whenever possible through this new service,” Johnson said.

About Own a Home Wichita
Own a Home Wichita, a DBA of Wichita Owner Finance, LLC is a local Kansas owned and operated company. It attributes its success in the local real estate market to a commitment to its customers and the local community. For more information visit our “mini” websites now https://www.OwnaHomeWichita.com that allow local people to quickly see if they qualify for the new inventory of homes for sale. A new, larger website in English and Spanish will be launched in coming weeks with even more information and opportunities for local people dreaming of getting a good house in the city.



Media Contact:  Jeremiah Johnson, 316-535-9349, jeremiah@ownahomewichita.com or info@ownahomewichita.com

SOURCE Own a Home Wichita

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