Innovative option finances 100% of cost of projects that may save energy and better protect homes against hurricanes

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — JAE Construction Group, a leading, family-owned home-improvement contractor in South Florida, is helping dozens of homeowners protect and enhance their homes using HERO financing. Backed by industry-leading consumer protections, HERO empowers property owners to make energy-saving, renewable-energy or storm-hardening home improvements and pay for the upgrades over time at a competitive, fixed interest rate through a voluntary line item on their property taxes.

Among the hundreds of Florida residents who have improved their homes with HERO financing is Marie A. of Broward County. She knew she needed to replace her 20-year-old roof, and after receiving several estimates from contractors she hired JAE. As is the case for many homeowners, she did not have enough cash to pay for the entire improvement out of pocket, and so she opted for HERO financing. Because eligibility for HERO is based on factors including a property owner’s home equity but not their credit score, she was able to quickly qualify for fixed-rate financing with payments that can be spread out over a 20-year term.

Not only does she now have a new roof over her family’s head, but the roof also qualified her for a wind-mitigation discount of more than 45% on her homeowner’s insurance premium. “It’s a big savings on insurance,” she said.

Another Broward County homeowner, JuanCarlos Ceballos, had several options when it came to financing the replacement roof, windows and doors that JAE installed on his home in August. He opted for HERO because of the no-money-down aspect, and has already seen a 20% drop in his electricity bill as a result of the energy-saving home improvements that JAE made. He also expects a significant discount on his homeowners’ insurance as a result of the new roof.

Jason Roberts, owner of JAE Construction, said that because HERO can finance the cost of eligible products for terms of up to 25 years with no money down, it is an option that has met the needs of many of its customers.

“At JAE Construction Group, we have a commitment to exceptional service at an affordable price, which is why so many clients love working with us,” said Roberts. “HERO is an important complement to our mission, one that helps homeowners protect and enhance their homes while allowing us to serve more customers.”

HERO financing is backed by industry-leading consumer safeguards, such as live, recorded telephone calls to confirm financing terms with homeowners, written disclosures modeled on the federal “Know-Before-You-Owe” forms for mortgage lending, and a guarantee that contractors do not get paid until homeowners certify that a project is done to their satisfaction. HERO also uses a data-driven contractor quality rating system that tracks customer satisfaction in real-time.

SOURCE Renovate America

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