Firm Offers Free Reviews of Commercial and Residential Property Tax Assessments, With the Option to Appeal on Contingency

Despite rising food, energy, materials and equipment costs, there is one expense that commercial and residential property owners may be able to lower in 2022—their property taxes.

Incenter Tax Solutions has launched to provide relief for owners across the United States who may be over assessed. The firm is offering complimentary reviews of property tax assessments and has a network of real estate attorneys and appraisers covering the country’s 19,495 municipalities.

If they determine that an owner’s assessment is excessive, they will offer to prepare and file the appeal free of charge, except for an initial appraisal (which clients then own). Incenter Tax Solutions only gets paid a one-time contingency fee if an appeal is successful.

“With property valuations constantly rising and falling, owners should check their tax assessments every year,” said Alison Tulio, Esq. “In many states, these will be forthcoming in the next several weeks, with a defined appeal window.”

In “pilot” engagements, principals of Incenter Tax Solutions have achieved a 93% success rate for residential appeals, saving clients an average of $2,000. In the commercial sector, they have a 98% success rate, and the savings have been even higher.

To ensure high-quality appraisals, the firm is collaborating with sister company Incenter Appraisal Management and its network of 10,000 local professional appraisers.

Extending Services for Lenders

In addition to property owners, Incenter Tax Solutions is offering these new services to mortgage lenders for white labelling and as closing gifts.

“As the refinancing wave tapers off, many lenders are diversifying their services to attract and keep new borrowers. These appeals offer an additional opportunity for them,” Ms. Tulio added.

Interested property owners and lenders can contact Incenter Tax Solutions at 1-888-901-2287 or submit an inquiry via the contact form at

About Incenter Tax Solutions

Incenter Tax Solutions protects residential and commercial property owners from overpaying their property taxes. The firm is part of Incenter LLC, a family of 11 companies that help mortgage bankers optimize processes, improve performance, and make life easier for borrowers. See for further information. To learn about Incenter, see

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