Not only has the year flown by — the holiday season is also almost over. This season was certainly different from last season when everyone was hunkered down at home due to the pandemic. Not completely different, because today, the world is also watching the new Omicron variant spread. All the while, experts are assessing how much protection vaccines are providing against this new variant.

The last two years almost seem unreal, as no one thought we would be living out a science fiction movie. And the real question on everyone’s mind is — what is 2022 going to look like? We can guess that the threat will not just die out. We can also surmise that vaccines will prevent many deaths. Some experts are saying that this could be the last hurrah for the pandemic and as warm weather approaches in the Spring, we might not only have more of us vaccinated, but additional treatments will be available as well.

If the nation does get back to business, the next question on everyone’s mind is – will inflation die down? If the Federal Reserve is forced to raise rates more aggressively to cool inflation, that could also hold back our recovery. We are not predicting “stagflation” by any means, but a strong economy is important so we can get the economy producing effectively to eliminate supply shortages. This balance will be an important consideration in 2022.

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