Ballast Nedam Development made the news when the company decided to create residential developments free of fossil gas in 2017. This bold initiative was later incorporated into government law in 2018. Ballast Nedam Development goes above and beyond to continually raise the bar of its sustainable actions exceeding the current building standards and delivered only zero energy homes in 2019.

Leading the way for our environments future

When the objectives were initiated in 2019, zero energy homes were not mandated for developers. The company bases its actions on the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations and continues to work to set higher standards for new urban developments. Onno Dwars*, director of Ballast Nedam Development and award winning sustainable leader says: “We don’t need to wait for new buildings standards to set our own moral compass; we must set them ourselves, and inspire others to do the same.”

It’s possible, lets make it the industry standard

Ballast Nedam Development firmly believes that all new homes can be zero energy and proved that it’s possible. Now it is up to the industry and policymakers to translate the Paris Climate Accord into new standards. Onno Dwars: “Creating a level playing field will motivate early adaptors like us to go even further and others to step up their game. We all are ready to create positive impact to help our precious environment!”

The Dutch Dream

The Dutch people are ready to drastically change the way we live. The implementation of the ‘free of fossil gas’ construction law and the demand by Dutch people for future-proof environment friendly homes boosts zero energy development in the Netherlands. Mortgage policies are now changing to allow buyers to invest more in green homes by getting an extra green mortgage, which allows the homeowner to relocated expenses from their monthly energy bill to mortgage repayments. At the same time for investors, green financing schemes help to build an energy-conscious investment portfolio.

Going beyond real estate

Ballast Nedam Development is now collaborating with the biggest NGO’s for initiatives on biodiversity, circular materials, new mobility, empowering active lifestyles and group cohesiveness. The company is devoted to creating environments where people and companies can thrive.

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