The CoreLogic Discovery Platform enables streamlined access to powerful data-driven business analysis

CoreLogic®, a leading provider specializing in property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions, has announced an enhancement to the CoreLogic Discovery Platform™. This robust, cloud-based platform is known for its innovative data exchange, property analytics and integration with major cloud and tech providers, further positioning CoreLogic as a premier property and location intelligence service provider.

With the recent enhancement, the platform now offers pre-designed solutions that assist mortgage lenders with turning data into valuable insights. This update allows for faster decision-making and improved business outcomes, providing clients immediate access to actionable insights. The ‘click-to-insight’ capability highlights a commitment to usability and efficiency for lenders’ data-guided decision-making journey.

“Discovery Platform was designed to be an industry-leading, unified solution that combines best-in-class data, enhanced analytics and cross-functional collaboration capabilities to help enterprises understand, improve and grow their business,” said Devi Mateti, President, Enterprise Digital Solutions Group.  “A year later, we are proud to continue evolving this transformative technology for more mortgage lenders, including those without access to data scientists, to enable them to compete more effectively in today’s challenging marketplace,” continued Mateti.

Pre-built solutions within the CoreLogic Discovery Platform include:

  • Market Share: empowers lenders to assess their market share at a granular level, including geography and loan type, to know who their key competitors are.
  • Prospect Marketing: helps lenders optimize their marketing efforts by establishing specific “buy box” criteria. This allows them to focus on potential borrowers most likely to be in the market for a loan.
  • Lost Leads & Pay-Off: allows lenders to track their portfolio run-off and identify which competitors won their lost leads to improve their competitive positioning.
  • Collateral Risk: allows lenders to detect loans and regions with the highest risk of default, leveraging home price forecasts and identification of “underwater” loans.
  • Affordable Housing: helps lenders identify low-to-moderate income census tracts and compare their performance to the top lenders and loan officers in that area.
  • Climate Risk: delivers powerful climate-based insights by market, and within a lender’s portfolio

In the first year since it was launched, Discovery Platform, which is powered by the industry’s first integrated property identifier, CLIP® ID, and built on more than 50 years of data spanning 99.9% of U.S. residential properties, has enabled over 100 companies  to discover, integrate, analyze and model property insights to make critical business decisions faster. CoreLogic is dedicated to continuing the transformation of its comprehensive property analytics solution, with plans to diversify across new industries, adding additional pre-built use cases that aren’t currently available in the market today.

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