SAN FRANCISCODec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Compass Analytics, an industry-leading financial technology provider, announced that CompassPoint™ now offers an integration to the latest version of the Fannie Mae Servicing Marketplace – Servicing Released Premium Rate Sheet v2 (SMP-SRP v2) API.

Compass Analytics has updated its integration with Fannie Mae’s Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan® (PE-Whole Loan) application to include the SMP-SRP v2.  The updated API includes multi-variable rate sheet capabilities giving servicers enhanced granularity in providing servicing released premium pricing to sellers.  The Compass integration to the SMP-SRP v2 also provides enhanced application monitoring.

CompassPoint™ will continue to support SMP-SRP v1 for servicers who have yet to transition to version 2 of the SRP rate sheet, providing sellers with access to every servicer who participates in the Servicing Marketplace.

Using this best execution solution, lenders can compare pricing from their investor partners with loan-level, cash flow-based retained MSR values from Compass’s existing MSR model.  Clients leveraging Fannie Mae’s SMP-SRP API can streamline their loan sale process by importing released servicing bids from their co-issue partners.

Added Vimi Vasudeva, Compass Analytics Managing Director, “We’re pleased to again be the first to integrate to the SMP-SRP v2 API for our co-issue originator customers.  The additional pricing granularity makes the Servicing Marketplace more effective for all participants.”

The SMP-SRP API supplements Compass’s existing suite of best execution and pooling tools:

  • AutoCommit℠ – provides direct integration with Fannie Mae’s PE – Whole Loan commitment application.
  • CompassBridge™ – facilitates bi-directional LOS integration.
  • Pooling optimization algorithms covering pay-ups and high-balance percentages for both cash and MBS trades.
  • CompassBid™ – mini-bulk bid automation including import of investor bids and market calibration.  Retained/released reporting and bid optimization.
  • Full best execution analysis including AOT and retained executions.
  • Automated purchase advice reconciliation and discrepancy alerts.

About Compass Analytics, LLC

Compass Analytics is an innovator in the FinTech industry and a leading provider of pricing technology to lenders. Compass develops cutting-edge analytics and offers advisory and active risk management services to mortgage bankers, traders, investors, and banks. Compass Analytics’ platform is revolutionizing the way home loans are formed and sold using innovative real-time technology supported with services, expertise, and guidance. Compass’ suite of tools includes CompassPoint™, CompassPPE™, CompassBid™, CompassDirect™, and CompassCommit™.

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Austin Yu 
Marketing Manager 

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