Today is Valentine’s Day. Do not forget to say and do something special for your loved one(s). There are so many names of our spouses and other close relationships. Significant other, partners, girl/boyfriend, fiancé, husband, wife, better-half, consort, companion, sweetheart, loved one and more. With so many to choose from, we should not be so overwhelmed by the different names they keep using to predict our economy in 2023.

First, it was predicted that the economy would experience a “slow-down.” Then we heard the word recession and also the words mild recession. As inflation roared, we introduced the possibility of stagflation – a slowing economy accompanied by strong inflation. Now that inflation seems to be waning, we are hearing the latest term – “soft-landing.” For many a soft landing is the best-case scenario.

What we would have in a soft-landing scenario is an economy which slows down, but does not stop growing. Sort of like a train passing slowly through a station, but not stopping to pick up passengers. In order to achieve a soft-landing, we would need inflation to continue to slow and interest rates to continue to come off their highs. The economy would grow, but not fast enough to re-ignite inflation. Could this bring about an economy that bounces back quickly? We are not sure and perhaps that scenario would be labeled the “trampoline economy.” Only time will tell. In the meantime – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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