One of the most overlooked books in the mortgage industry was a book written by Todd Ballenger, called Borrow Smart Repay Smart.

It is about the way we misunderstand borrowing and mistakes people make when buying or refinance a house.

It really upset the way many financial service providers engaged recommendations for their own clients. Charles Schwab, Ameriprise, AIG, LPL, and others engaged Todd to reinvent their mortgage and equity service offerings and many loan officers now approach what they do completely differently. One company built a new bank offering and generated over $3B in new lending using the Borrow Smart approach.

Recently Todd put out a new edition of his book, and while you can buy a physical copy of the original version on Amazon
You can buy a digital copy through his website at:

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You can learn more about the book here: as he has a little commercial he did for the book.

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