Domain Leasing

How to Get Hundreds More Visitors to Your Mortgage Website Every Month

Dear Mortgage Professional

If you’d like to:

• dramatically increase your website traffic
• generate more borrower leads at almost no cost
• be easily remembered by people who are looking to buy or refinance a house
• and don’t think good real estate related web addresses are available or affordable then this might be the most important web page you’ll ever visit.

Here’s why:

A unique, easily remembered domain name like, or is vital if you want to generate leads from your mortgage lending sales website. 

Avoid the huge investment and commitment that comes with buying a great domain name by leasing one of ours on a month to month basis or you can choose a longer term at a discount.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical about leasing a domain name because leasing rather than buying a URL is a relatively new concept. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons why it makes total sense:

Three Reasons To Lease a URL:

Reason One: A good memorable Mortgage domain name can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – and can be very hard to find. Mortgage specific domains are now routinely fetching five figures……Making a huge investment like this just isn’t possible for most real estate professionals – and frankly it usually doesn’t make sense. We also spend a considerable amount of time locating and buying good mortgage related domain names. Spend your time making mortgage loans, not searching thru the millions of domain names that are available at any given time, only to find that the domain you want will cost you thousands of dollars.

Reason Two: By leasing rather than purchasing a domain name, you can easily shift your marketing focus. For example, after six months of targeting at specific state like you may decide that your market is in Minnesota – at which point you transfer your Lease to, all within a matter of hours. We’re always glad to sell you a domain name, but we’d rather have you try it out first before making the investment so that you don’t have hundreds or even thousands invested in a domain name when you realize that it no longer matches your marketing focus.

Reason Three: Since we can simply forward all visitors to your existing site, there’s absolutely nothing you have to do with your current website or provider – your new URL can be working immediately without any effort on your part.Promote your leased URL any way you want – in newspaper or homes guide ads, on your open house fliers, on letters, etc. When someone types your rented URL into their browser, they’ll immediately be directed to your current site. Your website content remains the same and there’s nothing to update or configure! You’ll easily be able to track the effectiveness of your leased domain by using the web statistics tool your current web hosting company provides – by looking at the number of referrals from your rented domain.

Here is a Summary of the Benefits You Receive from Using a Good Real Estate Domain Name

• Prospective home borrowers need a URL they can remember – they won’t remember real estate site or even, but they will remember or . If you’re like me, you can probably think of at least a few websites that you visited after seeing a company ad on a billboard or in the newspaper and remembering the URL because it was simple and relevant to the business that was using it. Not many people have to bookmark Realtor.Com do they?

• Having an easy to remember web address that relates to your business also shows the prospect that you are serious about your business and gives you immediate credibility.

• You’ll get “type in” visitors; people who type a search term as a “.com” URL in their browser instead of in a search engine – these people would have never otherwise found you. Have you ever typed in a URL like or just to see what was there?

• Many search engines rank sites whose URLs contain the keywords of a search near the top of the search results– the more relevant, the higher they list you in search results! (Your content also has to be very closely related to the search terms too, but that’s something that’s completely in your control).

• The cost is minimal, you can lease most of our domains for $150/month, and since our domain rentals are on a month-to-month basis, there are no long term commitments required.

• 1 FREE EMAIL ADDRESS ($19.95/month value):We will also set up any email address you want for your new domain (i.e. or at no additional cost and forward any emails received to your existing email account. There’s absolutely nothing for you to do but start receiving emails!!

FREE DOMAIN MASKING: Masking works with domain name forwarding. Forwarding redirects all Web traffic from the domain that you leased to your existing web site. When someone types your rented domain name into a browser, our system will automatically forward or redirect them to your existing site or whatever URL you choose. Forwarding with Masking prevents visitors from knowing that they have been redirected by making sure that your leased domain name remains in their Web browser’s address bar. You can also add a title and meta tags to your masked domain. Title and meta tag information is important to a Web site’s search engine ranking, but it does not change the look of your Web site.

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