Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation offers Fairway ExpressClose® as a virtual closing solution for consumers.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is providing consumers with the most efficient closing solutions in the industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairway ExpressClose® has provided an outlet for borrowers to safely close their home loan remotely while receiving the same speed and service for which Fairway is known.

At Fairway, the eClose process is streamlined and gives borrowers a variety of closing options. These options include a hybrid process that allows for a combination of electronic and wet-sign documents as well as a full eClose option that allows consumers to eSign all documents, including the promissory note, security instrument and notarized documentation with settlement.

“At Fairway, we strive to make the closing process a simple one for our customers,” said Cindy Porterfield, SVP Closing and Funding. “Fairway ExpressClose® is just one way we are introducing cutting-edge technology to our customers and creating a more convenient mortgage experience.”

Fairway is currently an industry leader in digital mortgage closings throughout the United States. Year-to-date Fairway has closed 2,850 loans through eClose and has issued 2,085 eNotes. These numbers make Fairway #2 in the industry.

As an industry leader, Fairway strives to introduce new technology like Fairway ExpressClose® into the marketplace that will improve the loan process while maintaining the quality of service consumers have grown to expect.

To learn more about Fairway ExpressClose®, please visit www.fairwayexpressclose.com.