From free credit reports to ‘payer alerts’ for healthcare organizations, Experian North America has launched a wide-range of initiatives to help consumers, businesses and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to help consumers across the country, Experian has developed multiple resources and services to help during this challenging time:

  • Experian Credit Report and ScoreConsumers can sign up and access their FICO® Score, Experian credit report and ongoing credit monitoring through Experian’s free CreditWorks product. Consumers can also sign up to Experian Boost, a free financial tool that has helped more than 2 million consumers increase their credit score.
  • Consumer Resources Website: As the consumer’s credit bureau, Experian’s commitment is to inform, guide and protect its consumers and customers during uncertain times. One way the company is doing this is through this dedicated website, with links to multiple resources and materials to help the community learn about credit and other important personal finance topics.
  • COVID-19 and Your Credit Report: Being fully committed to helping consumers and lenders during this unprecedented period, Experian has created this dedicated blog page with ongoing and updated information pertaining to how COVID-19 may impact consumers’ creditworthiness and – ultimately – what people should do to preserve it. The blog will be updated with relevant news as Experian announces new solutions and tactics.
  • #CreditChat: In response to the urgent and rapid changes associated with COVID-19, Experian is accelerating and enhancing its financial education programming to help consumers protect their financial health. With expected delays in bill payments, unprecedented layoffs, hiring freezes and related hardships, Experian seeks to aid consumers in understanding how the credit reporting system and personal finance overall will move forward in this landscape. Experian has launched an eight-week series of #CreditChat conversations surrounding COVID-19 on Wednesdays at 3 pm ET on Twitter and live video credit chats every Friday at 12:30 pm ET on Facebook Live.

In an effort to help the business community, Experian has launched a variety of new initiatives:

  • Free Experian Business Credit Report: Experian is offering all American-owned small businesses free access to their Experian business credit report through May 1, 2020, to help small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. By accessing a free business credit report now, small business owners can understand where their credit score stands and look for the best lending options for their business before they obtain funding.
  • COVID-19 U.S. Business Risk Index: To further help small businesses gain access to capital they need, Experian launched its free COVID-19 U.S. Business Risk Index to assist lenders and government organizations in understanding how to make lending options available to the business segments that need it the most. This new risk index can help business risk professionals better understand the impact that the pandemic may have on commercial operations based on several key factors. This methodology combines business risk, anticipated impact on business industries and real-time COVID-19 case data to help businesses better simulate various impact scenarios down to the state level to help develop relevant strategies.
  • Experian® Health Payer Policy Alerts: This is a free comprehensive list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts for United States hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies and specialty healthcare service organizations. Payer policy alerts are provided by commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers and summarize changes to medical coverage policies from those organizations. This public service to the healthcare community will continue to be updated and remain free as long as alerts related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be distributed.
  • At-Risk Audiences: In an effort to help essential organizations, such as healthcare and government agencies, provide resources to those most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, Experian is leveraging its data assets, free of charge, to identify groups of individuals that are most likely to be impacted. Experian developed new audience segments that are built in a privacy-compliant manner and designed to help these organizations find and communicate with at-risk populations, enabling them to deliver essential services as quickly as possible.
  • Business Resources Website: This newly launched website was developed to help businesses prepare to manage increased attacks, continue to push toward digital banking, and understand regulatory changes as businesses find their footing in this evolving financial services landscape.

To help the communities in which Experian operates, the company has offered its charitable assistance during this time:

  • First Responders First: Experian North America is supporting first responder workers by donating funds for personal protective equipment (PPE) to COVID-19 for hotspots in New York City and New Orleans through the nonprofit organization, First Responders First. These funds will provide essential supplies, equipment and resources such as masks, gowns, gloves and more to those on the frontline.
  • Heart of Experian Giving Opportunity: Experian is leading this effort in which employees can assist by making a donation to First Responders First through Experian’s Heart of Experian giving opportunity. Experian will match employee donations up to the annual limit of $500 per employee, while funds last. This donation is the latest support the company has provided to help minimize exposure for those most at risk. For example, in California, the company also donated 12,000 masks to the Hoag Medical Group.

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