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Dave Hershman – Whiplash


Believe it or not, we started the year quite smoothly. Yes, we were expecting some excitement due to the fact that we had a Presidential election coming our way. Little did we know that the primaries would take a back-seat

Dave Hershman – Whiplash2020-03-23T14:32:32-04:00

Dave Hershman: The Fed — Historic  


Breaking–Two days before their meeting started, the Fed cut their benchmark rates to near zero and will be purchasing Mortgage-Backed Securities.

This week’s meeting of the Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee could be pretty exciting, or it could be

Dave Hershman: The Fed — Historic  2020-03-16T12:24:33-04:00

Dave Hershman – Did The Fed Waste Ammunition?


Even before we saw the jobs report, the Federal Reserve decided to step in with an “emergency” rate cut in response to the coronavirus crisis before their next scheduled meeting. Even though we have not seen many negative reports on

Dave Hershman – Did The Fed Waste Ammunition?2020-03-10T10:25:32-04:00

Dave Hershman – Lower My Debt Payment Now


Despite the economic recovery, there continues to be a strain on the budgets of the average American.  Even though homes have increased in value, many have not recovered from the deep recession and remain over-burdened with debt.

There is a way

Dave Hershman – Lower My Debt Payment Now2020-03-02T17:14:30-05:00

Dave Hershman – Why Are Rates So Low?


This week we ponder an interesting question. At the beginning of last year, rates were headed higher and we were not supposed to see low rates again for quite some time. Of course, the market analysts were wrong, and rates

Dave Hershman – Why Are Rates So Low?2020-02-24T09:28:25-05:00

Dave Hershman – Why Is My Rate Higher?


Time and time again we get this question from some of our clients. “I read in the papers that the average rate for mortgages is _____%. Yet I am being quoted a higher rate than average. Why am I being asked

Dave Hershman – Why Is My Rate Higher?2020-02-12T09:18:45-05:00