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Why Are Stocks Still Rising?


We have just finished one of — if not the weakest — quarter in history. The corona virus is still raging. Millions have lost their jobs. Yet the stock market continues to rise, recovering from its lows hit

Why Are Stocks Still Rising?2020-07-27T13:30:50-04:00

The Employment Numbers For June


In a very strange year, the jobs report takes on more importance because we are in uncharted territory with regard to the economy. We moved from a slow-growth economy in the fourth quarter to a negative 5.0% in

The Employment Numbers For June2020-07-06T12:29:14-04:00

Reopening Related to Surges?


Most state economies have reopened to some degree. And several states have seen a surge in infections at the same time. From this, we can conclude one thing — the virus is not taking the summer off as

Reopening Related to Surges?2020-07-02T13:09:15-04:00

The Magic of Low Rates


The government has injected trillions of stimulus dollars into the economy. This is causing the federal budget deficit to soar as we deal with the devastating effects of COVID-19 upon our economy. At the same time, the Federal

The Magic of Low Rates2020-06-15T13:29:55-04:00

Why Predictions Don’t Work


This was the title of one of our economic commentaries in January of this year. It is a message we deliver every year. Now that we have traveled almost one-half the way through the year, we thought we

Why Predictions Don’t Work2020-06-10T15:36:55-04:00

Sell Your Home In Any Market


All markets are not created equal and neither are all homes for sale. This would explain why some homes languish on the market for months and others sell practically overnight. What makes the difference? In this article, we will look

Sell Your Home In Any Market2020-06-02T10:03:11-04:00

Dave Hershman – The Price of Oil


It was almost 50 years ago that the rising price of oil was one of the factors which helped plunge us into a deep recession. And while not the most important factor, subsequent recessions have followed previous peaks in oil

Dave Hershman – The Price of Oil2020-05-04T12:46:15-04:00
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