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The Coming Recession


First of all, we must qualify this headline with the important caveat that a recession is not a sure thing. However, so many economic forecasts are banking on a recession in 2023, we must at least acknowledge the

The Coming Recession2023-01-11T14:51:21-05:00

Giving Thanks


Another Thanksgiving is upon us, and it is time not only to eat turkey and watch football, but to give thanks. No matter how rough the year is, we always pause to

Giving Thanks2022-11-21T16:21:32-05:00

The New Shining Star


We used to be glued to the jobs report. Every month the analysts made predictions and then analyzed where they got things wrong. Then there is the quarterly growth data (GDP). Together

The New Shining Star2022-11-21T16:21:46-05:00

2022 – The Year of the Fed?


The last two years have been extraordinary in many ways. The pandemic headlines this story, but there are many parts to this tale. We had an economy stop on a dime for the first time in history. So many adjustments

2022 – The Year of the Fed?2022-01-03T13:03:58-05:00

Is the Economy Ready to Roar?


We had a strong October jobs report and the Delta variant is fading. Theoretically, this gives us a better chance that the economy’s fourth quarter growth rate will ramp up from the tepid 2.0% performance of the third

Is the Economy Ready to Roar?2021-11-23T12:54:41-05:00

Why Tapering Might Not Matter That Much


The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee is meeting this week and the decision on whether to taper their purchases of bonds and mortgages will be front and center. The minutes of the Fed’s last meeting had indicated the

Why Tapering Might Not Matter That Much2021-11-08T13:33:12-05:00

So How Did We Do?


Just two weeks ago, we spoke about the “trifecta” of economic events spanning the end of October and early November. Or perhaps we should have labeled it the “triple witching hour” since that time period also encompassed Halloween.

So How Did We Do?2021-11-08T13:31:59-05:00

It’s All About Jobs


The Delta has risen. Many economists are worried that this phase of the COVID pandemic could choke off the economic recovery – or at least slow it down. Looking for evidence? It is all about jobs. If the

It’s All About Jobs2021-10-05T12:30:29-04:00

The Housing Market


To put it mildly, we have seen a quite interesting housing market through the pandemic. During most recessions, falling incomes and tighter guidelines cause the housing market to slow and lead to stable or lower housing prices. During

The Housing Market2021-07-12T13:39:53-04:00

Aim For a Better Closing Experience


Buying a home or refinancing a home mortgage remains one of the most important
financial decisions one will make in a lifetime.  There are very few personal decisions one
can make which involves such an important investment, both in terms of economics

Aim For a Better Closing Experience2021-07-07T15:36:18-04:00
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