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Dave Hershman: Jobs and More -The Look Back


The numbers are in for 2019. We will start with jobs, as the December report was just released last week. The month’s numbers generally were slightly disappointing, which is good news for the economy and interest rates, as it is

Dave Hershman: Jobs and More -The Look Back2020-01-13T16:43:24-05:00

Dave Hershman: Happy Holidays


The end of the year is in sight as we enjoy the final holidays of 2019. As we have mentioned previously, it has been a very interesting year to say the least. Highlighted by lower interest rates, a strong stock

Dave Hershman: Happy Holidays2019-12-23T14:00:21-05:00

Dave Hershman – The Fed Moves Nowhere


It was no surprise to the markets that the Federal Reserve Board did not decide to raise or lower interest rates at their meeting last week. After three decreases this year, the Fed had given plenty of signals that they

Dave Hershman – The Fed Moves Nowhere2019-12-16T15:29:00-05:00

Dave Hershman – Jobs Analysis and The Fed


You only have to read these predictions to understand the importance of this week’s employment report — Two Federal Reserve estimates of U.S. economic growth are predicting that gross domestic product will hardly expand in the fourth quarter. The Atlanta

Dave Hershman – Jobs Analysis and The Fed2019-12-16T15:29:12-05:00

Dave Hershan – The Last Jobs Report


No, it is not as if the government is going to stop giving us readings on employment on a monthly basis. However, this is the last reading on jobs growth we will see for the year. Every month the jobs

Dave Hershan – The Last Jobs Report2019-12-02T14:32:35-05:00

Dave Hershman – Equity Use


Many Americans have significant equity in their homes, especially if they purchased many years ago and have not previously taken cash out via a refinance.  In previous years, many Americans have fallen behind on their financial plans and the slow

Dave Hershman – Equity Use2019-12-02T12:54:17-05:00