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Dave Hershman: Quarter of Turmoil?


We described the last quarter as busy. This quarter may turn out to be more than just busy. Starting out with an impeachment inquiry, very weak manufacturing data and a mixed jobs report — the next two-plus months could be

Dave Hershman: Quarter of Turmoil?2019-10-14T09:17:31-04:00

Dave Hershman: The Jobs Picture is Painted


With so many headlines using the terms impeachment and trade wars, we can often overlook the mundane release of economic data indicating to us how consumers seem to be weathering these political and international skirmishes. Thus far the economy seems to be holding

Dave Hershman: The Jobs Picture is Painted2019-10-08T09:51:18-04:00

Dave Hershman: The Fed Speaks Amid Chaos


The past week was the best example of an axiom we have always followed — you can’t predict the future. It looked like the Federal Reserve Board was locked into a rate cut before they met. As we said, the

Dave Hershman: The Fed Speaks Amid Chaos2019-09-23T13:41:20-04:00

Dave Hershman: The Die is Likely Cast


The Federal Reserve Board is meeting this week with an announcement to be made on Wednesday. Many times, there is a lot of drama and speculation surrounding these meetings. We believe the die will likely have been cast before the

Dave Hershman: The Die is Likely Cast2019-09-16T10:20:55-04:00

Dave Hershman: Hopping August


August is over and done with. But we can say it was not the usual, “dog days of summer” August. Usually everyone is on vacation in August and the markets go through a lull. But this August there was plenty

Dave Hershman: Hopping August2019-09-03T12:56:10-04:00

Dave Hershman: Christmas in August


With the Chinese/American trade war carrying over, the markets were encouraged for at least a period of time with the Administration’s decision to delay additional tariffs on certain goods until December 15. This decision was announced so that consumers were

Dave Hershman: Christmas in August2019-08-26T12:09:27-04:00

Dave Hershman: The China Syndrome


We will file this commentary under the subject heading of — you can’t predict the future, especially in a world economy. First we had a solid but unspectacular report of economic growth for the second quarter. Then we had a

Dave Hershman: The China Syndrome2019-08-19T09:26:23-04:00