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What’s Next?


We have had quite a wild ride across our planet during the last 15 months. A word-wide pandemic was followed by a sharp recession. As the pandemic wore on and wore many of us down, certain segments of

What’s Next?2021-06-14T12:34:46-04:00

Did We See It?


We were looking for some “bounce-back” numbers in the employment report last Friday. We believed that the stage was set with the progress of our vaccination program having a real effect on the number of COVID cases in

Did We See It?2021-06-07T13:46:41-04:00

Home Improvement – The Right Approach


There is no doubt about the fact that home improvements represent a significant financial
investment for the average homeowner. They also represent an opportunity to improve
one’s quality of life. Along with the economic aspects of the home improvement decision,
there are many other areas

Home Improvement – The Right Approach2021-06-01T12:39:42-04:00

Bounce Back Month?


Last month we saw a pretty disappointing jobs report. The quarter of a million jobs added was actually quite strong for a normal month. However, for the era of economy recovery from the pandemic-induced recession, it fell short.

Bounce Back Month?2021-06-01T12:39:53-04:00

Why House Values Have Soared During a Crisis


During the Great Recession, a little more than a decade ago — the value of real estate was hit significantly. We spent ten years recovering as values reached pre-recession levels and then some. During the COVID-induced recession of

Why House Values Have Soared During a Crisis2021-03-15T14:30:37-04:00

How Quickly Could Rates Rise?


Interest rates have been so low for such a long period of time that many have taken these record low rates for granted. Though we have said this many times during the past year, we must understand that

How Quickly Could Rates Rise?2021-03-01T15:37:45-05:00

It was a Roller Coaster Year


A few weeks ago, we saw the first reading of economic growth for the 4th quarter of last year. Though this number is subject to two revisions, the increase of 4.0% is not expected to change all that

It was a Roller Coaster Year2021-02-16T12:29:08-05:00

First Jobs Reading of 2021


The January jobs report gives us our first look at the job market as we begin 2021. We entered 2021 knowing that the economy had lost approximately ten million jobs that we have yet to recover. We were

First Jobs Reading of 20212021-02-12T13:05:11-05:00

Where There Won’t Be a Difference


Last week we talked about differences with a change of administrations. We all agree that the challenges facing our nation – the economy, the pandemic, the divisiveness are not going to go away. But there are other areas

Where There Won’t Be a Difference2021-02-01T13:16:46-05:00

Feel Any Different?


Well, we have a new President of the United States. Feel any different? We still have COVID raging, a vaccine-fueled recovery in the works, a bitterly divided electorate and an impeachment trial coming up. While that may not

Feel Any Different?2021-01-27T12:04:01-05:00
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