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Dave Hershan – The Last Jobs Report


No, it is not as if the government is going to stop giving us readings on employment on a monthly basis. However, this is the last reading on jobs growth we will see for the year. Every month the jobs

Dave Hershan – The Last Jobs Report2019-12-02T14:32:35-05:00

Dave Hershman – Equity Use


Many Americans have significant equity in their homes, especially if they purchased many years ago and have not previously taken cash out via a refinance.  In previous years, many Americans have fallen behind on their financial plans and the slow

Dave Hershman – Equity Use2019-12-02T12:54:17-05:00

Dave Hershman: Real Estate the Difference Maker?


Many economists are predicting somewhat of a mild recession in 2020. However, their predictions are not unanimous and those who believe the economy will continue to grow are pointing to the real estate sector having the potential to keep us

Dave Hershman: Real Estate the Difference Maker?2019-11-11T12:12:02-05:00

Dave Hershman: Election Day


Today is Election Day. If you watch the news every day you might get the impression that the only important races are Federal. However, in the “off” years, there are a slew of local races and even a few state-wide

Dave Hershman: Election Day2019-11-05T16:04:42-05:00

Dave Hershman: The Impeachment War


For months we have been talking about the possibility of the trade wars having an effect upon the economy and the markets. The start of the impeachment inquiry looks like it also will break out into a full-fledged war. Thus

Dave Hershman: The Impeachment War2019-11-05T16:04:56-05:00

Dave Hershman: Quarter of Turmoil?


We described the last quarter as busy. This quarter may turn out to be more than just busy. Starting out with an impeachment inquiry, very weak manufacturing data and a mixed jobs report — the next two-plus months could be

Dave Hershman: Quarter of Turmoil?2019-10-14T09:17:31-04:00

Dave Hershman: The Jobs Picture is Painted


With so many headlines using the terms impeachment and trade wars, we can often overlook the mundane release of economic data indicating to us how consumers seem to be weathering these political and international skirmishes. Thus far the economy seems to be holding

Dave Hershman: The Jobs Picture is Painted2019-10-08T09:51:18-04:00