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The Importance of TRID


If you are working anywhere near the real estate industry, by now you have heard about the importance of the regulations known as TRID.  There are many questions about these regulations, and in this article, we will try to

The Importance of TRID2021-01-05T14:20:53-05:00

Looking Through The Looking Glass


You cannot look back at 2020 without using an acronym most of us had never heard of before 2020. Of course, that acronym is COVID.  We started the year somewhat normally. The economy was slowing down a bit

Looking Through The Looking Glass2021-01-05T14:21:11-05:00

What is Mortgage Insurance?


Mortgage insurance is offered by either the government or private insurance companies to enable lenders to offer smaller down payments on loans. Before mortgage insurance existed, many had to pay a minimum of 20% down to purchase a

What is Mortgage Insurance?2020-12-04T13:17:58-05:00

Is it Already December?


We would like to say that time flies when you are having fun, however, no one in their right mind would describe 2020 as fun. Yet somehow, we have arrived at the last month of the year and

Is it Already December?2020-12-02T13:10:41-05:00

What Will Happen With Real Estate?


The prognosticators had promised Armageddon for the economy when the pandemic hit. Don’t get us wrong–it was plenty bad. But it was not as bad as many had predicted. The main reason for this resiliency? The real estate

What Will Happen With Real Estate?2020-11-24T12:59:47-05:00

Aftermath of the Election


Your candidate won. Your candidate lost. The real winner of any election in our country is democracy itself. The right to vote was exercised by a greater percentage of our populace than most anytime within the last one-hundred

Aftermath of the Election2020-11-11T13:17:58-05:00

Aim for a Better Closing Experience


Buying a home or refinancing a home mortgage remains one of the most
important financial decisions one will make in a lifetime.  There are very few
personal decisions one can make which involves such an important investment,
both in terms of economics and

Aim for a Better Closing Experience2020-11-02T14:49:11-05:00

The Mask Debate Deepens


Could anyone had predicted one year ago that a major topic in Presidential debates and campaigns would revolve around mask-wearing? It has been that crazy of a year. We actually started the year with some semblance of normalcy,

The Mask Debate Deepens2020-10-19T13:22:49-04:00

The Last Jobs Report


No, the Labor Department is not giving up on reporting monthly statistics. But the report released on Friday was the last reading on the job market that we will see before the election. It is said that the

The Last Jobs Report2020-10-05T13:02:57-04:00

Vaccine Reactions


No, we are not talking about shortness of breath and swelling. We are talking about how the markets might react to the news that a vaccine (or a few) are available. We have already seen how medical announcements

Vaccine Reactions2020-09-21T14:44:54-04:00
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